101 Cashflow Empire




I got into buying cash-flow properties by mistake and today, I will admit it’s the best thing I ever got into. Knowing how to wholesale properties and making spreads is great but you can’t beat getting checks in the mail every month for doing nothing!

So after my first cash flow deal, I went hunting for more. I started with mastering numbers so that way I would know if what I was looking at was a good deal or a bad deal. As time went by I mastered the financing game so I can buy as many cash flow properties as I wanted to. From there I went into higher unit multi-families and saw things beyond numbers. This is when everything changed for me.

Today, I buy base on markets. That’s right, Markets. Though I won’t complain when the cash flow is good ( clearly these are my favorite ), today I also buy properties specifically for the purpose of breaking even as well as generating negative cash-flow and I still end up winning!

Get this video and learn:
– Where are all the best cash flow deals are at!
– What to focus on first? Cash flow or Great Areas/Appreciation Plays?
– What you have to look like to get banks to lend you unlimited money
– How to buy Cash flow Properties and always get your down payment money back so you can buy more!
– Why buying base on NUMBERS and LOCATION is for amateurs!
– and so much more!

Sample of the full video is below. Want full access buy the video.


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