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Want to find motivated sellers?  Here are some awesome list to do marketing to and where to find them.

Pre-Foreclosure / Lis Pendens / Notice of Default
Whenea homeowner is behind on payments by at least 3 months, the bank has the right to file a lawsuit on the homeowner to initiate what is called foreclosure.  This notice is filed to let the world know the bank is in the process of foreclosing on a property.  This notice that is record is called a Lis pendens or a Notice of Default..  This being so, marketing to this list is great if you are after people that just received a foreclosure notice.

If you want to get access to this list you have to pay for it.  You can get it through

Sheriff Sales
Homeowners that have already received a lis penden filing on their house and is about to now lose their house to the sheriff sale are usually either super motivated to work things out or are totally crazy.  In any case, this is one of the best list to hit up if you are after motivated sellers.

To get this list you simply have to go to google and type in “your county sheriff sale”.  So for me, if i’m after the list of sheriff sale properties going up to sale in middle sex county nj, i simply go to google and type in Middlesex County NJ sheriff sale list and the list would come up.  Typically this list is for free and is on the local sheriff sale website.

Tax Lien Sale
Homeowners who have their property paid off or they just forget to pay their taxes or have passed away and don’t pay their taxes usually get their property tax lien sold off at the local township auction.  You simply just have to again go to google and type in the township of interest and the words tax lien certificate sale and the list would come up.

Vacant & Abandon Property List
To get the list of abandon properties you just have to again type in the township with the words abandon property list and it would come up.

Absentee Owners & High Equity list can be bought through

Bandit Signs
I use to get my signs.
You can go to to get a bandit sign stapler.

Probate List
This is one of the most popular list to go after.  Will write more on it later

Like the reading?  Want to learn how to do marketing to this list for wholesale deals?  Buy the 101 wholesale video.  The marketing tip alone in it will pay for the cost of investment.

Find out who owns the house
You just need to google your county public records database.  Below is for NY, NJ, and Philadelphia.

Skip Tracing
This is a tool used to find people’s phone numbers.  All you need is their property address, first and last name and you should be good to search.

Tenant Screening

4 thoughts on “Marketing List & Material

  1. Hi Nick,

    Any idea on how to get the actual list for the tax liens? The websites I see only talks about them but no info on the actual list?

    Also as far as the Sheriff sales go, Ive been looking up properties and most of them seem as the mortgage is much higher than what the property is worth meaning they can only be short sales. Any way of finding properties with equity or is it better to just try and short sale all these properties? I’m just finding properties worth 200k with 220k owed to the bank.

    1. Trarell,

      For the tax lien list you have to create a log-in and you will get access to the list. Its free to create the account.

      As for sheriff sales how are you comping the properties exactly? Also, the judgement price is very different then actually what the bank want these days. << Tell me how you are comping the properties and we'll go from there. Also, what is the strategy here?? Are you looking to wholesale? Nick

  2. Good morning, Nick;

    Do you, or does anyone on your team, know of any websites (City Agency, or otherwise) that list in New York, for Vacant and Abandoned Property? I’m already checking out the Probate Leads website, that you suggested. I appreciate that.

    1. Raymond I apologize for the delay response. The townships themselves keep track of abandon properties. Call the town and ask them what department keeps track of this list and if you can get it through the web, email, fax or have to go down there to get it.

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