How to flip when you can’t assign a contract

At times the seller or the Realtor doesn’t allow you to assign a contract. So how can you sell a contract when it isn’t assignable? As a standard procedure i always put houses under contract with llcs. The reason for this is because whenever i can’t assign the contract i simply sell the membership interest in my llc.

This is simply done by signing a contract that says you are selling 100% of the membership interest of this llc for x price. Sign and date and it is done.

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Nick Tang

*This is not being promoted as legal advice. Please speak with your attorney before doing any of the above.

2 thoughts on “How to flip when you can’t assign a contract

  1. hi nick so, yo will create different Llc for each property that you acquire? and then this llc wont belongs to you any more?.
    thanks nick great info.

    1. That is correct. This is why I always put properties under contract with the street name llc and never fall in love with llcs I put properties under contract with.

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